The Unclear Path to Finding our Treasures.

As I listened to ted talks, read books like the Alchemist and The Secrect by Paulo Coelho and Rhonda Byrne respectfully, I got challenged to do better. To rise up and proclaim what was lost and start all over again. I was broken and shattered, but time for a paradigm shift had arrived.

There are somewhat lucky people who grow up singing and making that their careers, others grow up playing football and that becomes part of their lives. But there is this other lot, where you grow up, go to school because it us mandatory and a requirement or just because your parents took you to school. You go to high school, pass with satisfactory grades and when the time for college comes, you can’t point out one career that you want to pursue.

I was that girl, even if deep down I knew what I wanted, I couldn’t point it out clearly because my thoughts and desires were so blurry. This tragedy is mostly attributed by low self esteem and lack of self realization and confidence.

So when I reached 22 years old, I saw that time was running swiftly and I still didn’t figure out what I wanted to do long term. Until I came across the book the Alchemist. I pictured myself as that boy Santiago who was in a mission to find his hidden treasures in the Pyramids. The challenges he went through, the uncertainties, the highs and lows, the discouragements and I decided to also take the same route to explore the inner parts of my brain and heart to recognize the treasures that were buried by the insecurities I had when I was younger.

By doing this, many things have come to light, I now know my career path, my confidence niche has increased and I do what i love.

For most of us, the path is not always clear, but the desire to become better will help us come closer to our treasures. On the way we will find many challenges, but they only help sharpen our personalities and appreciate the little steps that we take each day.

So let us celebrate our journeys believing that one day we will stand in a podium and encourage someone, that one day all will come to light.

Simaloi Toimasi

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