is it just me or these guys are truly annoying?

So just the other day i met a guy somewhere. We talked for some time about random things and later we exchanged contacts. I somehow regret that now but it was also worth some lessons. After a while he invited me to a party somewhere and i declined (i prefer partying with my friends he was/is still a stranger). So after a day or so he called me again, this time he wanted us to meet and hang out in his place. And again i declined, because going to guy’s house isn’t safe(my take) because anything crazy can happen. Like if he asks for sex and you decline you don’t know how he will react . This is when hell broke loose.

He started telling me that i should accept his advances because time is running out and i didn’t know what i was missing. (I mean i should worry about time passing when i reach 35 not now when i am 24). That is, being with him is such a great thing that was passing be by, like an opportunity i should pounce on. And i was like, hold up! hold up! who do you think you are (i didn’t say that verbally). What kind of a guy approaches a girl by using such an approach? I only knew him for less than a fortnight and he was already yapping about us meeting and “hanging out” and just because i wasn’t interested or it was still early for me, he starts blaming me for letting such an opportunity pass me by. This wasn’t the fist guy i encountered who acted like that. There was another one. He also felt like by refusing to date him is refusing such a great opportunity that i will never get somewhere else.

my take

This kept me thinking what happened to the proper way of dating, that is getting to know the likes and dislikes of a person, going on several dates, that is proper dates in public places like restaurants. Yes there is no laid manual on how this things should work out but i think that there is way to get to know someone before other advances unless someone is a hit and run type of person (which unfortunately characterizes most people these days). My take is this, if you want to date someone, please use the right words and channels. Not everybody is interested in a hit and run situation. Some of us take like three to six month to know someone before deciding to take things to another level.

Simaloi Toimasi



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