Why do I feel so useless???

I feel drained, I feel useless and unworthy. This kind of feeling creeps some times and it makes me feel terrible. Those thoughts of failure, negativity and low self worth.

It seems all my friends are more successful than I am, they have jobs and are earning, some have good relationships, some have traveled the world and et cetera…..

As for me, I started off with the wrong foot and I had to go back to school (uni) and start again. At my age, I have no business,job, capital or car and everything I had plan to have after high school.

Sometimes I feel that time moves so fast and it refuses to give me a chance to be what I dreamt to be. I am not jealous of my friends, in fact I am happy for them. They say birds of the same feather fly together and I am just wondering why I was left behind. I am quite hardworking and intelligent but I don’t understand why things are not working out.

I have not given up and I will never quit until I accomplish my goals. Yes sometimes I feel too weak, but the good thing is, I am still alive and still have good days. I will push my self harder, I am going to start my own business,I am going to read as many books as possible and I will eventually be successful and attain my goals.

yes I will make it

Someday, I will reread this post and appreciate the far that i’ll have traveled.

By, Simaloi Toimasi



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