Consistency is Paramount

This is the last day of October. Tomorrow a new month begins. That makes it exactly two months remaining to the end of this year. Most of us make resolutions at the beginning of each year (some at the beginning of each month) and my question is, how far have you reached?

As for me, for the first time in my life, I have done almost 80% of what I promised myself to do, ranging from changing my career to simple self development things like drinking water everyday and exercising. They may not be very big things but I am grateful that I have been consistent in doing the smaller things because eventually consistency is a very important skill that I am mastering.

Think about the qualities that you’ve always desired o have, ranging from honesty, self control, consistency, public speaking skills and many others. This are great skills that I personally think are vital in day to day life. But to be sincere many people struggle to master these skills. But with patience and never quitting, attaining whatever you want is possible.

what one requires is to consistency to do what you wanted to do starting from one step and moving a little further every single day. You may relapse once in a while, but every time you get down, you must rise up and continue with the journey. I have a problem of always fantasizing and this affects my concentration, and I have always wanted to be in the present but it’s been really hard to be in the present, but this year I decided that I will push my self no matter what, and the truth is I have started seeing some results. These days, though I still fantasize but it’s not as much as I used to do. I used to hold a book to read and for example if I planned to read a book for one hour, I will only read it for the first 15 minutes and the other 45, I will fantasize about my future, future boyfriend, future career success or even things that have already happened. fantasizing may not be entirely bad because some people call it manifesting (I don’t know if that works) but my problem is/was that it took too much of my time and it prevented me to do what is at hand hence made me waste so much time.

Now I really believe in starting small, moving from one to two and never giving up. So if you are in the same position, don’t ever give up. If you always wanted to loose weight, start small, work out for 10 minutes today then tomorrow you can add two minutes and the other day add three and by the end of the month, you’ll be working out for like one hour. Consistency is key and remember that practice make perfect. All the best.

By, Simaloi Toimasi



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