The Power of Today


Each morning I wake up, means a lot. It means that I have a chance to do a myriad of things that I need to. It means that I can change the wrongs that I did yesterday into rights. It means I can choose to do things differently. It means I have a new paper of sheet and a pen, and it is ME to choose what to write (metaphorically speaking) on this day.

Each morning you have an opportunity to do things differently. If you have a sick friend and you’ve not yet visited them, today is a good chance to do that. If you wronged your partner, now is a good time to apologize.

There is this phrase that goes “if you want to tell me something, tell me now because tomorrow may be too late“. And I agree with this because, tomorrow is never guaranteed. Anything can happen today and so we must embrace this opportunity and do things right. Things that will bring us closer to our dreams.

Today, lets love a little more, start treating your body better, read a great book, go to work or school and do your best. Lets us maximize this day and come out with great results in the evening. And in all we do, let us put love first. Because love will make us treat ourselves and others better.

Good Morning

By Simaloi Toimasi



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