Turning a Quarter Century Older

In this special day I turned a year older. That is a quarter century older. I am excited to be this old, and so grateful to God for giving me this chance. As I reflect on my life, I compare my last year’s birthday and I really appreciate the difference. In the past years, I was someone else, someone controlled by other people, someone who followed the crowd, someone with low self esteem, BUT I see great improvements now.

I have overcome most of those things, I have really tried to be the best version of myself, my self esteem is great, I am more confident and I make better and informed decisions, I am pursuing my career and enjoying most bits of my life.

Now as I turn 25, I pray that I continue improving and being better everyday. To you, in any situation you are in, take heart, appreciate that moment(things always become better) and move on to your vision’s direction. At the beginning, it’s easier to throw in the towel, but life is a journey and we must strive to reach to our destinations and see the difference between place A and B. Let’s always strive to be better versions of ourselves,better mothers, fathers, brothers, wives, gf/bf, role models, etc and above all let love reign, because with love towards ourselves and others, we will live fulfilling lives.

By, Simaloi Toimasi



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