Natural Hair Transformation

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Lately I have been reading and watching (via you tube) lots of information on natural hair, growth, retention, oils and everything that will make my hair grow.

Back in 2016 I cut my hair because it was so much damaged, my sides were almost completely gone so I was forced to chop my hair. Then in mid 2017 I started growing my hair again. The only difference that I made was to limit heat on my hair. I hadn’t had interest to know much about natural regimens. Then my hair grew but my sides started damaging again (the hair on my side edges were so short and weren’t growing completely). So I wondered what that was and that’s when I started researching about hair, hair growth, retention and et cetera.

On You tube, there is a lot on natural hair and I see all these people with nice hair and was like (i hope i’ll get the same results when I try this). So being a girl on a budget, I couldn’t afford to buy all this oils that are recommended. So I decided to start with what I can afford.

The easiest regimen I could get was rice water. I started using rice water as a hair moisturizer. I only used fermented rice water once (I hated the smell), so be it fermented or not, rice water will still improve hair growth. The oils I use are, coconut and sheer butter, then I wash with shampoo and I also apply conditioner.At the beginning I was using castor oil but it caused me lots of shading so I stopped. I started doing this mid this year, that is around July/August. It has only been four months and I have stated seeing my hair grow and I am so excited.

So if you are like me, try out some of these things, you don’t need to have lots of money to buy lots of oils. Start with what you have and I promise you that you will start seeing results after a few months. And the good thing is after you realize what works for you, then you stick with it for a while, you will surely see positive results.

All the best as you start restoring your hair.

By Jennie Simaloi



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