Follow your Own Path, Discover your Own Mystery.

There is this path that was created where, we go to school, then college get a job, do a grand wedding then become a married person. That seems to be some sort of created path that humans created and most view it as the way things should always happen. All this things are important, but one should not feel pressured to live his/her life following some laid path and forgetting to explore his/her full potential.

My problem lies with marriage. When a woman or a man reaches a certain age and unmarried, many questions are asked. And to me I think marriage is such a big institution that requires full preparation physically, emotionally and financially. It’s not some thing that anyone should pressure you to get into. It is something that one becomes ready to enter into. And if they are not ready, then they wait until they are ready and if they don’t ever want to get married then no one should judge anyone because of how they choose to live their lives.

We only live once, hence every decision should bring us joy and fulfillment before we consider how it affects someone else. I am not suggesting that we become selfish, but I am saying that we can not give love to other if we don’t love ourselves fully and do things that make us happy apologetically.

As we approach the end of this year, let us choose our happiness first.

By, Simaloi Toimasi



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