Tips to Adapt in 2020 for Personal Growth.

The good thing about time is this; it presents us with tremendous opportunities to correct past mistakes, better ourselves and enable us to achieve our goals. I believe in one way or another we all have goals, goals unique to us, which vary from one person to another.

In 2020 try out this tips and they will bring you closer to your goals;

1. Spiritual goals, I believe most people but not all believe in some form of power above us (humans). You can call it God, the gods, the universe, energy, etc. Every morning when you wake up, make sure you pray and meditate. This will give you a clear mind, assurance (faith) and hope that you will achieve your plans for the day.

2.Health goals, our bodies carry us from the time we are born until our death. So it is one of the most important aspect of our lives. Eating healthy and exercising will make us healthy, lively and productive.

4.Emotional/Psychological goals, we can’t make any constructive decisions if we are psychological disturbed, and so by guarding our minds and emotions will help us to make good decisions, which will propel us to our goals.

These things are always easier said than done, it is a human weakness to stay in our comfort zone, we don’t like to be “disturbed”, but we can reach our full potential and attain our goals if we get out of that cocoon and start doing things to make us better and productive. In 2020, I pray that we become better people than we were in 2019.

Happy new year and have a productive 2020.

By, Jennie Simaloi



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