Why I Quit Religion

Lately I have been thinking about my inclinations towards religion as a whole. Thoughts about religion started way back when I was in high school, I had doubts as normal teen but never abandoned my faith.

I was born in Christian family, went to church and was taught to follow the Bible principles. So the thing that I question the most about the bible is the fact that God was willing to kill people to save others and yet he created them all. When I asked my pastor he told me that God has great plans for his chosed people(Israel). I had so many questions when I was younger but unfortunately I never had any convincing answer.

But even with all that, I never believed in things like evolution, I believe that something supreme created the universe and human beings, the conflict is in the stories in the bible. I have listened to atheists disputing the existence of God and there is no problem with that, as long as what you believe gives you inner peace.

After many years of questioning my faith, I decided to believe in GOD. The God who created me and the universe. The God who created every human regardless of their religion. I personally think that religion is man made and the only thing it brings is chaos and divisions. The God I believe in, loves me and all humans equally, I no longer believe in the God of the Christians but the God who treats all humans with love and fairness.

Whatever you choose to believe in, let it bring you inner peace and fulfillment but don’t judge someone else’s beliefs.

May you follow your heart’s desire(s).

Simaloi Toimasi



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