Fitness goals

It’s now exactly one week after I started going to the gym. This has finally happened after a lot of procrastination, last year I started home workouts, but in the middle of the year, I stopped, but this is my year, i’m gonna lift those weights and gain my physical targets.

So when I started last week, my whole body was so painful that siting down, going to the toilet and walking was a problem, but this week I feel so light and free. My body feels younger and stronger. This is giving me more motivation to continue lifting the weights, doing the lunges, squating, defining my abs and working on my arms and legs.

My main goal is to gain muscle mass and a little bit of weight, and so far I am very positive that by the end of this year, I would have gained my end goal results.

What motivates me is;

-I paid a gym membershiop so i’ll have to go to the gym like 4 times a week so that my money won’t go to waste

-I have really lost weight so I need to gain some.

-I want to live a healthy lifestyle, workout is part of it.

So dear friend if your into this kind of stuff, set your workout and healthy living goals, if it’s diet, losing/gaining weight or any other, see the reason why you want to do that, and that will give you the motivation to get started.

“The last three or four reps is what makes the muscle grow. This area of pain divides a champion from someone who is not a champion.” Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Jenny Simaloi



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