Appreciating the Simple Things in Life

So again humanity is being faced by a pandemic which doesn’t choose any social class, race or religion. It brings humanity together. I like the way people are putting their differences aside to fight this corona virus.

So this is a clear indication that sometimes things do not go as planned, there are obstacles on the way, ones you can control and other you cannot. Ones that you caused and others you didn’t.

So as we all stay indoors and having limited things to do I think it’s a great moment to reflect on the simple things that we do on a daily basis which we are not able to do now. Taking that simple walk in the morning, going to school, going to the gym, going to work and all the things that we are used to do that we just do them unconsciously.

Personally I miss going to class, gym and boarding my favorite matatu the “nganya”.This moment which all I do is stay in the house has made me appreciate “normal” stuff I do everyday. I think when all this is over, I will be conscious every moment and be grateful in all that I achieve at the end of the day be it simple, normal or new.

May all those affected find solace in God and stay safe and protect yourself and loved ones.

Peace Out




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