Social media detox Plans

With no school and no work, what remains now is to stay home to keep safe from contracting the virus. So I now have perfect time to do my social media detox without worrying if my class has bounced or not.

To make it better my phone got spoiled so I am completely off except now when I am writing this post using my tab. And once per week after this.

I am starting my social media detox today and I am aiming at becoming more aware of my environment and more present without being distracted by social media feeds.

Social media is no enemy but if we use it continuously without being conscious we might get caught up with all the pressure to desire the “fabulous life” especially the one portrayed on IG and forget to be our authentic selves and live our own lives appreciating our own journeys.

I am looking forward to gain positive outcomes from this.

So if you can get time, try to detox to see if you will gain some positive vibes.

peace out and stay safe from Rona.




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