The “small things” that matter

Lately being home (shags)due to Rona bae, I do my meditation outside with fresh air and morning sunlight. Today after my meditation, when I opened my eyes and saw the most magnificent things. Those things we probably look at them on a daily basis but we don’t really see them.

That is the beautiful blue sky, the various types of birds greeting us each morning with their joyous chirping, the trees as they are being swayed by the wind, our domestic animals, the beautiful vegetation’s and all this beauties that we just look and never take time to appreciate their existence and their role in our lives.

We have so much as human being to be grateful for, but most of the time instead of being grateful, all we do is complain and ask for more and more.

So lets take some time and just be grateful to mother nature for all these beautiful creations created to serve us as humans. And lets co-exist well with her and stop being so cruel to her.


Simaloi Toimasi.



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