Be Willing to Unleash your Beauty

Any situation can be changed from it’s most ugliest to be beautiful. In life we go through a lot of shit, be it within our selves or within the environment that surrounds us. Our busket of shit gets full, we clean it first, but it gets filled up again so easily. We try to clean it for the second, the third, fourth,,,,,,,and so on times. But it gets a point where we give up and we get ruled by circumstances instead of us ruling them. We give in to the status quo, our society’s expectations, to go through school, go to college, get a career and money, get married and have kids.

So we get wrapped up with other people’s expectations and forget about what we truly want for ourselves, someone can choose a particular career because it makes more money and forgo his/her inner desire for the sake of money and a big name. When we look through history, the most successful people, (and I define success by fullfiment one attains and not materially) we see people who chose what gives them bliss and gave it their whole, be it artistic ventures, football, and many others and by bringing out their inner beauty, it has earned the game and success.

So I honestly think that what every human needs is to find what gives them that bliss, what brings them total joy and follow that without giving in to any intimidation whatsoever. And to do anything worthwhile one needs to be willing to put in the work, to stay the long hours researching about your field and actually doing it until you perfect it. It may bring you money or it might not but eventually you will be fulfilled,you can get other venture that will give you money and still pursue what you truly love.

As you do all this, taking back your purposes, please be kind, a little kindness here and there, puting a smile on someone’s else’s face will leave you with joy and God’s blessings.

Stay safe and remember to be kind.

Jenny Simaloi



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