The Controversial Emotion?

love, the for letter word, is a mystery that no one on the face of the earth can clearly define its meaning. People view it in different ways. To some it have brought peace and prosperity but to some it is the opposite, it have brought them agony and pain. This four letter word has led to death of very many young people who were promising people of our generation.

In the recent past they have been increased numbers of deaths and the cause being this word love. When it becomes sour, it causes people to do things that they would never have thought they would do in their wildest dreams. It is a great pity that this word which books of faith describes as the ultimate law of living a life that pleases GOD has turned to be the cause of many people in jail and others dead.

This name causes people to get married and start another generation. This word makes people be compassionate and help the poor and the sick. Hence one wonders why it has to turn sour. Imagine a world full of people who know the true meaning of love and they follow it to the latter end. We would be living our paradise here on planet earth. We wouldn’t be having any cases of corruption because people will put other people first before their own selfish desires, actually people will not be having any selfish desires, because we would all be satisfied with what we work hard for and no one will be stealing any government funds.

As you define this emotion in your own terms, I hope that you will remember the teachings of the great Rabbi, love others as you love yourself.



Simaloi Toimasi



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