Effects of Being Overly Dependent.

I don’t suffer from DPD (dependent personality disorder), which is an anxiety personality disorder characterized by the inability to be alone according to Health line. But I have some of it’s characteristics which I think was greatly influenced by my upbringing.

I experienced similar DPD characteristic, like needing approval from family before making a major decision, always preferring to work with someone rather than alone, needing repeated assurance, fearing rejection, and being overly sensitive to rejection.

This kinds of decisions led me into choose a career that I didn’t like, which wasted a significant amount of my time and my parents money. It also made me feel stupid and naive in some situations and it definitely led me into taking wrong turns in my life.

But thankfully when I started my self-awareness journey, I was able to recognize that I had this problem and I am now on my recovery road to reclaim my own “sanity” and be a decisive and firm adult. I have made so many changes in my life that I am proud of and I am very excited at the turn that things are taking now.

So if you are going through the same phase in your life, hold on because the recovery road is tough but it has stupendous results in the end. Asking for advice from your trusted close friends and family is not the issue, but the issue is needing their approval every damn time you want to do something. Sometimes we need to stand for ourselves and what we believe in by ourselves and not involving any second party.

Lets become enough for ourselves.

self love and peace.



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