Productive Ways to Deal with Frustrations

Today I have received very very disturbing news, news which has really hurt my heart. If I wasn’t a teetotaler I would have opted for some strong drink, if I was using any kind of drug I would have used it today, it would really have calmed me down. That’s their work essentially, they enable us to escape from the reality of now and give us a some level of ecstasy even if in reality the situation is different.

But I didn’t opt for any of that, instead I took my laptop and started writing, I am writing this because I want to shift my attention and energy from the sad news to something positive which gives me satisfaction and joy, and that is writing.

So what is the moral of the story here, any time you feel so frustrated, find that creative skill that you love, is it painting, singing, drawing, cooking, playing a musical instrument or writing, then channel your energy to that. There is no need to waste the whole day thinking about your “bad day”. Instead try to make it a better day, after all we have the power to control situations, and that’s what makes us super humans. Then after you’ve cooled and calmed down you can now asses the situation in a logical manner and be able to make rational and realistic decisions.

And honestly, with this short writing, I now feel better and I know the rest of this day will be great.

Channel your frustrations to a creative skill which brings you bliss.




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