Why You Should Marry Late in Life (from 28 years old)

First a disclaimer, there is no right or wrong way to live this life, when we are born we don’t come with a manuscript. All that happens is we are socialized into our cultures, religions and whaterview.

But if you look at some instances pertaining when and who to marry, it just makes a lot of sense for people to marry late in life. Especially right now that divorce rates are high and rising, economy is bad and gender based violence has spiked.

Below are some reasons why I think you should marry late (between 28 to 38).

1. You’ll have established your career, if you wanted to reach PhD level, I’m sure by the time your 35 you’ll have accomplished that, by that age also, you’ll have established your career on a solid foundation meaning you have some financial security.

2. You’ll have known the kind of man/woman that you’ll want to settle with. You’ll have gone on casual dates with different people and have established your “taste”.

3. You’ll have known if you want kids or not. I think marrying or having kids should be a personal choice, so I believe by that age one will have known that.

4. You’ll be mature enough. You’ll have known yourself completely, you’ll have a solid confidence and emotional intelligence, so even if things go haywire, you’ll still enjoy your life.

Before make a commitment of marriage, please make sure you know what your getting into. Be ready to sacrifice and commit so that you succeed. Also remember if you don’t want to ever marry it’s still okey and life will still be beautiful.

Love and kindness be with you. Peace.




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