My lover was someone’s else’s lover

I was in love, madly in love, we literally stayed together for three months, our lives revolved around going to class, and then to each other’s house, if he’s not in my house, I was in his and vice versa. We were young, just started University.

I never felt this feeling before. I used to see it in movies and read it in novels, and now here I was, experiencing the same thing that they called love; the happiness, the butterflies in my stomach, the crazy good sex and all the good feelings all at once. And then I knew, voila, I am in love, madly in love. 

I started creating our future in my mind. How he’ll introduce me to his parents, how we’ll have a boy and a girl, how we’ll grow old together. And all the fantasies of love.

Then after 3 months of this good feeling, my lover, my perfect lover started changing, he started having some “meetings”, but I mean, he’s a man, he needs to have deals to get money.

Then this day he was so high (on probably weed) and he showed me a picture of this dark skinned, pretty girl. And he said, I am in love with this girl. Weeell, I laughed, you know, he was high, things that people say when they’re high. 

But no, my guy was serious, he was in love with this other person, and he’s been dating her since high school, but had had some quarrels and I was his destruction. 

There are some feelings that can’t be described, you know. That’s why it’s called a heartbreak. My lover was someone’s else’s lover. I was broken, my plans and wishes of the future shattered. I was alone, all alone and lonely.

It took me 3 years to start healing that wound but still I have never fallen in love again, I am now older and wiser. I will never fall in love again, but if love ever comes my way again, I will be healthy in love, sanely in love and peacefully in love.



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