Caring for my body is of fundamental importance.

Do you want to lose weight or do you want to gain it? Either way, good food and weight lifting may just be what you’ve been looking for.

For my case, it’s the latter. I am a petite person and for a while I had this desire to gain some weight. Another thing is I also wanted to gain my muscle gain and increase my energy.

And so when I started going to the gym to do weight lifting, I’ve had enormous changes. But these changes are not coming as first as I anticipated. This is because every good thing needs commitment and consistency.

So I’ve been working out for 5 months now, and the first 3 months I didn’t see any changes. But the last 2 months I changed some things so as to see if I’ll have some changes and see some gains.

I changed my diet completely and started eating healthier foods. I went to the gym 5 days a week without fail. And after a month I had added 2 more kgs to my weight.

And then another more month and I had added another kg. After getting these results I was so happy and excited. This is because I reach a weight gain that I have never reached in my life. As small as this may seem, it is really huge for me. Because I know the sacrifice that I’ve had to undergo to get here. I am still going forward, to eat healthy, lifting weights and maintaining a good lifestyle.

And so, if you have the same goal, loosing weight, gaining weight or just maintaining it, consistency is key.

Also don’t be too hard on yourself, celebrate your small gains, because they’ll amount to the gains that your anticipating to get,

And you can agree with me that in order to see a change in any aspect of your life, consistency and sacrifice are the major key.



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