Energy from the Tokyo Olympians

Normally, I am not an Olympic fan, but on this particular day, I was forced to watch the Olympics. And I am glad I did. Because it motivated me to rise up and do some things that I planned to do but didn’t.

I was seated in my place of work, it was a boring day, I didn’t have internet connection so the only thing I did was watch the Olympics. Normally I’d only be interested to see the final results, who won what in what.

While watching, I saw the confidence, the sweat, the hard work, the consistency, the pain and finally the joy of getting that reward, the joy of breaking a world record, the joy of being celebrated by people who don’t even know you .

Victory is very sweet but you have to sweat to get it. There is no shortcut. Therefore, in order to get things going, In order to succeed in our dreams and visions, we must sweat, we must keep going, we must work smart. Hence arise and do that thing that you’ve always wanted to.

Rise and keep soldering on.

Jenny Simaloi



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