Tips to Become the Main Character in Your Life

We only live once, and that is a FACT. So, are you the main character in your story, or you’re allowing other people to control you? Unfortunately, in some cases, parents, friends, and society as a whole want to control how we act. You go to school, go to college or university, then get married and get children. This is the allowed procedure, whereby if one decides to do things differently, they are harshly judged.
But is this correct? I am not suggesting that we go rogue and start acting out, but I am saying that we should discover ourselves, our likes, and live it. We should not allow other people to control us; instead, we should be the main characters in our story. Below are some tips that will help us achieve that;
Put Yourself First
To be the main character, you should away put yourself first. If your friend comes asking you to take her somewhere and maybe you need to rest, I don’t think it’s selfish if you politely tell her that you can’t. That way, you can be able to get adequate rest and be more productive.
Stop Pleasing People
No matter how hard we try, we can never please everyone. There will always be people to judge us. Therefore, we should only concentrate on building ourselves and avoid minding what people say about us. As long as we aim to become better humans and are not hurting anybody, we don’t owe anyone anything.
Work On Yourself
Being the main character means that you should aim to do the best in everything. If it’s studies do your best, be the best mum and wife, positively. If you can impact someone’s life, do it. Working on ourselves will enable us to appreciate the good things and people in our lives.
Don’t Be Afraid to Say NO
NO is a sentence. It does not require any explanation. Therefore, if someone asks you to do anything you don’t want to do, say NO and period. Sometimes a family member may feel entitled to show up in your house and start asking for money or help. But sometimes, we may be in a dark place in our lives. It is okay to say no, to prevent too much stress.
Have a Safe Place
Life sometimes comes with stress. Be it from work, family, friends, or school. We may sometimes feel overwhelmed due to the different things we go through daily. So, it’s is great to have a safe space to express your feelings. It can be writing in your journal, talking to someone you completely trust, seeing a therapy, prating, meditate or even going to a walk or gym. Make sure you find out what works for you, and choose the best way to take your problems to handle them most efficiently and effectively.

Let light lead you.

Jenny Simaloi



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