Why this year’s should be different.

So every new year we have resolutions, resolutions to change our lives for the better, to be more present, to start healthy relationships, to improve our health, to start that business to go back to school and many more. This is a good thing. A really good thing.

So the year starts and we pay for that gym membership, we apply for that school and we are on top of the game. We feel good about ourselves. But aftee three months or so we start getting tired, we start finding reason why we should not continue doing what we are doing. We start getting some fault in order to go back to our comfort zone because this current one is really tiresome and wastes lots of our time. So instead of finding reason why to continue doing our new year’s resolutions, we find reason why we should go back to our unhealthy lifestyle.

But let this year be different, let 2021 be a different year for you. Purpose to sorjourn on to the end. Yes there will be times where you’ll feel really tired and all you want is to quit, but for your sake and yours alone, please don’t!

Wake up daily by giving yourself strength, because if you don’t no one will. If you don’t get up and show up for you, no one else will.

Happy new year and let’s be better.




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