A Little More Love Please?

Cloud heart in the sky in the clouds and sunshine

Yesterday I was walking in town and I came cross two men hugging tightly. As I drew near, I overheard one telling the other how sorry he was for what happened. That’s when I realized that the other guy had just lost someone and his friend, I suppose was trying to console him.

This was happening at a busy street and I became curious to see people’s reactions seeing these two men hug tightly. And true to my suspicions, I read a lot of disgusted faces, shocked faces and all sorts of reactions towards these men.

I understand that many people, especially here in Kenya are against the LGBTQ community, and everyone, I believe is entitled to their opinion as long as it does not infringe on someone else’s wellbeing.

Eventually, what intrigued me in this situation was how much, we as people, we are so quick to judge others and even situations without understanding what is really happening or what happened.

I think it is high time we allowed love and care to flourish instead of judgements and hatred. Life would be so much easier if we loved and cared a little more.




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