Not Any More!!

It is unfortunate how men in various facets of society mainly shadow women’s progress. Look at history, medicine, art, and almost every other industry. You’ll see men’s names all over. But does it mean that before the 21st century, the only thing that women did was rear children? Hell No!!

As much as society has always taught women to grow into respectful wives, women have always risen against such stereotypes and notions and tried to live their lives by their authority.

When it comes to sectors like art, science, and leadership, many women have become successful, even if history does not recognize them as much. Painter Sofonisba Anguissola (1532–1625) was a pathfinder during the Italian Renaissance. According to mymodernmet, Anguissola’s brilliance grabbed the notice of Michelangelo, with whom she carried on an informal mentoring via the exchange of drawings. Though, as a female artist, she was not permitted to study anatomy or practice sketching models owing to its considered vulgarity, she nonetheless managed to have a successful career.

During NASA’s early space flights, Katherine Johnson was a mathematician who contributed to the agency’s success. The phrase “birth control” was invented in the 1960s by feminist and women’s rights activist Margaret Sanger. Enovid, the first oral contraceptive, was approved by the FDA in 1960, six years before her death, her greatest accomplishment.

Women have always excelled in several ways, but they are not recognized. Thank God for technology because now, history will remember so many women compared to the past centuries.



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