A Meeting with My Younger Self

Life is never fair, but it is the most beautiful thing ever in the living land. The sacredness of life cannot be overemphasized, but it is never that serious! That was very ironic, wasn’t it? How do we show up for life? Life is for living and exploring to the fullest. Make merry around your social networks and especially be your biggest self-fan. Enjoy life’s ventures and live a moment at a time. No rehearsals, and none have perfected it. Follow your passions, follow your purpose. Let go, let God!

I have travelled far and wide, seen and heard stories, and experienced the adventures of life, the bad and the good, the lows and the highs, the narrows and the wides, the easy and easy and the hard, the sweetest and the most painful. Hey, excuse me, I am not that old, but, just a few days’ shy off clinging to the third floor. Presents are welcomed; please deliver them to P. O. box, Admin. I’m excited to have come this far.

Today, I am seated on a balcony of a high-end room overlooking the busy city life as a sea of people and all sorts of mobilities rush to where the necessities of life shall take them. Life is a definite journey of chasing a destiny of a future with an inherent desire to cling to it without a clue of when. Back home, this is what we sing as the famous hustles of life. From here, a trail of thoughts triggered, sending me reflecting on my life for the last three decades with an obvious question about the stories to my younger self. 

I understand that life is a function of time and a continuous growth process comprising intertwined phases. Life has no room for copy-pasting. These lessons show the vitality of living with ease and optimizing life’s adventures. No reserves, for every stage is already full of its own stories. So, make life enjoyable, travel, experiment with things, take risks, read comprehensive and create your happiness. Opportunities come once in a lifetime, therefore, grab them and flee with them.

Find your purposeful passions and pursue them religiously. God has preordained us for our destinies; therefore, we need to live according to this roadmap. We realize this by ironing our strengths, skills, and knowledge and embracing the beauty of living together as children in the same house. Never fear failure, nor what people will say. Mistakes make us strong and resilient. Always focus on the goal. Life is short if we miss our purpose.

Nevertheless, I have no regrets about the past, for there is nothing to change. The only remaining thing is to archive and learn from it to better the future. I look straight into the future with only one mission to take charge and live the remainder of this beautiful journey with all intent. It is that simple, learn, unlearn, and relearn. What counts in the end is the living you did and not your life! 



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