Why You Should Manifest Your Desired Life

Manifest Abundance

Over the weekend, I went to visit a very close friend of mine. She told me how manifestation has greatly worked in her life. Over a year ago, she manifested a job for a certain amount of money, and she got a job that paid her 3 times more than she manifested. Additionally, she started planning and manifesting moving out of her sister’s house and getting a place of her own and that also happened. She further manifested furniture that she likes to be in her house, and she got them. My friend was telling me that she wrote those things down and they did not only happen, but they happened in double.

Now, she is manifesting to get a family, and I know that she will get one soon. So what did I learn about manifestation?

Many new age books, including Rhonda Byrne’s The Secret major on manifestation. That is, thinking one’s way to a better life. I know that the term manifestation does not really intrigue some people. As some agree that it works while others disagree. Personally, I agree that manifestation works, but you do not wake up every day to manifest good things in your life and watch Netflix all day. NO! you manifest and work towards what you have manifested. Just like the common biblical phrase “faith without work is dead“.

So yes, you can manifest what you want, because this will give you the push and energy to work towards it, and come closer to achieving your goals.

Have a week full of positive manifesting!



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