Maybe, Who Knows?

I am happy to be back in this space and I hope to be welcomed. Could you please bring me some tea instead of coffee? Before I was interrupted, I was reflecting on my journey to get back to writing, something that I truly love doing. It has been a mix of ups and downs as I have struggled with imposter syndrome, feeling unworthy and not good enough. In the past, I used to be consistent with my writing but I fell off the road. I am curious, have you had a chance to read anything I have written? If so, what are your thoughts? I look forward to hearing your response when we meet.

I have come to realize that I have failed to appreciate the importance of the process and progress in my writing. I cannot expect to become a better writer without putting in the necessary practice. It is unrealistic to believe that I will magically become as good as the likes of Bikozulu and ndugu Abisai without putting in the work. Biko once said that you only get better at writing when you write, and he has shown this through his consistent blog posts every Tuesday for the past fifteen years. I aim to reach a level of consistency similar to his, one that is not only near but also disciplined like the consistency that God shows us in our lives every day.

I am determined to embrace the journey of becoming a better writer and to understand that it takes time and effort. It is normal to sometimes feel like we do not want to do the things we love, but it is all part of the process. I hope that this year will be a great one for me, one where I surprise myself with the gift of consistency. With consistency comes discipline and with discipline comes a habit. Who knows, maybe someday I will become the next Chimamanda.

Adios for now.



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